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“ Once-in-a-lifetime opportunity ”

TRUNK(ACTIVITY)is a hidden content exclusively available to our Hotel guests.
This is why we can offer activities which incorporate TRUNK(HOTEL)’s playfulness.

Ordinarily, there are many can’ts in life.
− PLACES you can’t enter or can’t see −
− PEOPLE you can’t meet −
− THINGS you can’t experience −
Premium experiences only available at TRUNK(HOTEL) makes these, and more, possible.

For example:
Securing tickets to Japan’s oldest national sport, “sumo” wrestling, which are difficult tickets to come by. Attending the event live at Ryogoku Kokugikan National Sumo Hall, then sharing a post-event meal with active, star sumo athletes and enjoying a conversation with them.
An exciting experience of specially infiltrating the innermost areas of the world’s largest market, Tsukiji Fish Market, and seeing the world-famous “maguro” tuna auction, an area which is ordinarily difficult to get into. Feel the exhilaration as you select, bid, and try to win the prized fish.
We have also prepared various other premium activities that will provide you with the royal treatment at some of the most sought-after experiences by visitors to Japan. These exclusive opportunities, all with a TRUNK(HOTEL)-style edge, can only be experienced here.

In addition, born from the hope that visitors can fully take in the charm of our location, Shibuya, we have created a plan which will allow you to experience the city on a deeper level. With the “Home Visit” plan, you will be able to visit a local family living in Shiubya, and enjoy genuine interaction and home cooking. This plan allows you to experience Shibuya’s unique culture and lifestyle through all 5 senses. This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and connection with local PEOPLE, may become a catalyst which will make you want to come back to the city again.

We hope you enjoy these unique activities with a TRUNK(HOTEL)-style edge, as we provide value above and beyond just an experience.






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